Author: Jasmine Richardson

Top Tailored Insurance For Estate Agents

13th February 2020 By Jasmine Richardson

Is it time to find the best insurance for estate agents right now? Being an auctioneer and estate agent means you are going to have multiple tasks to juggle at the same time. A lot is going on in your world and that is normal, however, it’s important to stay safe at the same time. […]

7 Marketing Tips For Insurance Companies In 2020

11th February 2020 By Jasmine Richardson

Competition in the insurance marketplace as never been fiercer, which means as an insurance agent you need to put 120% into your marketing efforts. You also need to use all channels available to you to secure clients. To help you begin the new year in a strong position, here are 7 marketing tips for insurance […]

What Insurance Do I Need For My Business?

3rd February 2020 By Jasmine Richardson

A business can be as precious as a child. It is the culmination of hard work, perseverance, and a good idea. This is why you should protect it at all costs. A start-up company will not have the funds of an international franchise, but they both need protection. There are basic insurance needs for every […]

Do I Need Business Insurance?

1st February 2020 By Jasmine Richardson

Starting your business is an expensive process – the last thing you need are unexpected additional costs. If a business owner has to pay out-of-pocket for damages or legal claims, they might find themselves financially devastated. In some places, business insurance is a requirement, but this is not always the case. Legalities aside, it is […]