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Top Tailored Insurance For Estate Agents

Is it time to find the best insurance for estate agents right now?

Being an auctioneer and estate agent means you are going to have multiple tasks to juggle at the same time. A lot is going on in your world and that is normal, however, it’s important to stay safe at the same time.

This is why you are going to have to think about the best insurance on the market for your situation. Here is a detailed look at what the right type of insurance is going to bring to your life as soon as you sign up for it.

Customised Plans 

It begins with knowing you are going to gain access to fully customised plans as an estate agent. Each situation is unique as to what you are going to get, how it is going to work out, and the value you are going to retain from it. These are pertinent concerns any estate agent will have to mull over during the process. If the goal is to find a customised plan that is tailored to your situation then it’s important to go with the right fit. It’s the only way you are going to feel safe about what you are getting and making sure it’s a good fit.

Affordable Rates 

Affordability has to be on your mind when it comes to setting a budget and finding a good deal. There is nothing worse than scouring throughout the market looking to find a good deal only to realise it’s not possible to pay less than your required budget. This is one of the worst feelings in the world and it is something you shouldn’t have to go through. Instead, the idea is to sign up with the right insurance provider and make sure they are willing to provide a good rate. This is a must as you start looking at different options for estate agents. There is always a good option out there when you are patient enough to compare them.

Specialised Solutions 

Imagine signing up with an insurance provider that doesn’t have your best interests in mind or doesn’t know what to do for estate agents. This is one of those fields that have to be understood to secure yourself the right way. If you are a qualified estate agent and want to get a solid deal then it is best to start here.

The quality is going to stand out when you go with the best provider. They are going to offer a specialised plan that takes everything into account and will focus on what your situation demands.

Fast Approvals 

Don’t like the concept of waiting around for insurance applications to go through?

This is a hurdle many estate agents face as they look at the options available to them. Rather than waiting for weeks or months, you can easily compare different providers and end up with one that is going to do a good job. It’s all about staying persistent and making sure you are made the top priority for the agency.

If they are not willing to do this for you right now, they are not going to take care of you later on. This is why it is best to put this as a requirement right away.

Proven Network 

It’s one thing to go with a reputable insurance provider and another to go with one that has a proven network of connections. Remember, insurance coverage is all about knowing you are safe in all types of situations. This includes having a network of allies in the world that are going to help estate agents throughout the issues that arise. If you go with a proven insurance provider, they will have this network fleshed out throughout the region and will ensure you are well taken care of at all times. This is when you are going to feel protected.

Consistent Quality 

There are several things to ponder over when you are in a situation such as this but sometimes it comes down to quality. You simply want someone that is going to have a good set of features in the plan and will cater to your needs. If you get this type of quality, it shows the insurance provider is a solid fit and one that is going to take your situation into account immediately. This saves quite a bit of time and keeps you safe too. This is the quality that matters most.

Reliable Customer Service 

It’s always important to go with an insurance provider that is willing to provide reliable customer service. There is nothing worse than spending your hard-earned money on something that is going to be wasteful and will not work out as you want it to. This is something the average person does become concerned about as they look at the different options in front of them. As an estate agent, you will have to go with a provider that offers reliable customer service and is always a phone call away. This is a must.

If you go with the best-tailored insurance on the market as an estate agent, you are going to get the deal of a lifetime and it will be well worth it. The goal is to ensure you are signing up for something consistent, proven, and efficiently based on your situation. This is what a tailored solution is going to bring to the table for modern estate agents.

7 Marketing Tips For Insurance Companies In 2020

Competition in the insurance marketplace as never been fiercer, which means as an insurance agent you need to put 120% into your marketing efforts. You also need to use all channels available to you to secure clients. To help you begin the new year in a strong position, here are 7 marketing tips for insurance companies in 2020:

#1 Use content marketing 

While your main focus as an insurance company is clients needing to buy an insurance policy imminently, you also need to allocate some attention to cultivating a relationship with people who are going to need insurance at some point in the future. Providing people with useful information throughout the year even when they aren’t in the marketplace for insurance, makes them more likely to remember your name when their policy renewable date comes round. For inspiration, take a look at some case studies of top-performing insurance campaigns in 2019. SEO for insurance firms is also important and essential.

#2 Leverage the power of social media 

Everyone is using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and if your business doesn’t have a presence on those platforms, you are losing out on loads of potential clients. The best way to get engagement on social media sites is to post creative content that is valuable and shareable with everyone, whether they currently looking for an insurance policy or not. Don’t just post dry information about the different policies and plans available. Asking questions to get feedback is a good way to engage with potential clients. Make sure you respond to all comments and replies is a timely manner.

#3 Maintain brand consistency 

It’s important to maintain brand consistency across all your offline and online channels. This means that your company information, graphics, and logo should be the same across all platforms, including your website, social media profile, YouTube Channel, storefront, letterheads, etc. Furthermore, you need to make sure that your company’s tone remains consistent through all communication channels including tweets, phone calls, emails, webchats, etc. Maintaining brand consistency puts your company in a professional light and helps to establish credibility with customers.

#4 Monitor online reviews 

Thanks to the internet, consumers now have a lot more power when it comes to holding insurance companies to account. Reviews sites like Yelp, Facebook reviews and Google reviews can make or break a company’s reputation. As an insurance agent, you need to be constantly monitoring all online reviews about your company. If your company already has lots of bad reviews, there are some things you can do to rebuild your reputation. Hiring reputation management services from a trusted marketing agency is perhaps one of the fastest ways to repair a damaged reputation. Such agencies can often get unfounded negative reviews removed and help you with phrasing responses to bad reviews that put your company in better light. Your online reputation is everything when it comes to selling insurance.

#5 Automate your online marketing 

Automating as many of your company’s marketing tasks as possible will enable you to more easily scale your business. Automated social media marketing is an effective way to reach your audience on a consistent basis. There are now many tools in the marketplace than allow you to schedule tweets, Facebook posts and more.

#6 Go Mobile 

Many people spend over 5 hours a day using their smartphones and mobile devices, so it’s vital that you take advantage of a growing mobile audience. In addition to ensuring that your company’s website is mobile-optimized, it can also often be worth commissioning a company App. If you do decide to develop an App for your insurance company, make sure that it is compatible with iOS and Andriod devices. You can also buy mobile in-app ads which can often have high conversion rates.

#7 Clean up your contacts 

If you have a huge database full of poor-quality contacts, all the time you spend creating content to send out will be a complete waste. Furthermore, receiving a large number of spam reports unsubscribes and bounces will damage your sender reputation, make it more difficult for you to reach people’s inboxes. Cleaning up your contact database will improve your email deliverability rate and enable to you expand your reach. Many insurance agents get attached to their large contact databases, but a database full of bad contacts is worth less than a small database of qualified leads.

Featured above are 7 tips to help you improve your insurance marketing campaigns this year. Remember, the consumer insurance marketplace is very competitive, so you need to find ways to make your company stand out from the crowd. In addition, you should put as much effort into retaining existing clients as you do into attracting new clients. A solid base of loyal customers will help you to survive any dry spells, so you need to invest time in cultivating relationships with your clients.

What Insurance Do I Need For My Business?

A business can be as precious as a child. It is the culmination of hard work, perseverance, and a good idea.

This is why you should protect it at all costs. A start-up company will not have the funds of an international franchise, but they both need protection.

There are basic insurance needs for every business and here are some of the most popular policies:

Business Owner’s Policy

Most small businesses will have this policy as it combines many aspects. Once purchased, a BOP will combine business property, business liability, and business income insurance.

This is perfect for any owners who don’t have the budget to purchase multiple policies or isn’t wanting the expense. A BOP can be a requirement for some owners before starting.

The business/commercial property helps protect the physical location of your business and its assets like tools, documents, and furniture.

Business Liability

The business/commercial liability aspect helps any claims your company is liable for. If a customer hurts themselves in-store, then you might be facing a lawsuit – this will cover the costs of that claim.

This is especially necessary if your store is in a warehouse or you are selling activities. A person is more likely to get hurt rock-climbing than purchasing shoes.

If you think you need more cover than a BOP provides, then you will need additional liability insurance.

Business Income Insurance

This will cover your lost income when the business can’t operate due to a covered loss. This can be instrumental in allowing wages to still get paid as well as other outgoings.

If your premises were damaged by a flood and have to get closed for repairs – that can take a considerable about of time. Business income insurance covers the lost income while those repairs are underway.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

This insurance provides financial support to employees who can’t work because of a job-related injury. It can also be covered by unemployment insurance or disability insurance.

If a worker injures their back while lifting a heavy object on-site, then workers’ compensation insurance will help cover any medical costs. This can make all the difference in a quick recovery.

Unemployment insurance will provide benefits to workers who have to stop working due to a workplace injury. After purchasing this insurance, you can be assured your employees will be taken care of without the expense of your business.

Can I Survive Without Insurance?

If everything goes to plan, then you don’t need it. However, if something goes wrong then the pros outweigh the cons.

Even though insurance is an additional expense, if the day comes that you have to make a claim, you might find yourself significantly out of pocket. This can be devastating for a new company with only a small amount of profit.

The price of a policy is considerably less than any pay-out you would have to make, so it is ludicrous to try and risk running a business without it.

Do I Need Business Insurance?

Starting your business is an expensive process – the last thing you need are unexpected additional costs. If a business owner has to pay out-of-pocket for damages or legal claims, they might find themselves financially devastated.

In some places, business insurance is a requirement, but this is not always the case. Legalities aside, it is always worth investing in some insurance just in case the worst happens.

Is It A Requirement?

Well no, but it is recommended. There are many types of business insurance so technically you could be insured against workers’ compensation and not a natural disaster.

Insurance is risk protection so you need to figure out what is most applicable to your business. If you run a scaffolding company, you will need different insurance to a technology store.

Getting the correct quotes for businesses is essential as there are many types of business categories that need tailored policies, such as pembroke business insurance.

No person can or should try and afford to pay for every type of insurance available, just the applicable ones. Whether it’s theft, injury or lost wages – give your business the best possible chance and purchase some insurance.

As your business grows you may need more, but look to cover your premises, employees, and equipment. Aside from the obvious, there may be some policies you haven’t thought of.

Insurance For A Tradesperson

Insurance is dependent on the industry and its specific needs. For example, if you ran an Arborist business then you should look into buying Business Income Extension for all your off-premise operations.

This coverage will replace lost income if your equipment was broken at the job site. That means wages, outgoings and potential loss of incomes will all be covered while the machinery is fixed.

Insurance For Real Estate

If you run a Real Estate Business, then you will need employment practices liability (EPL) coverage as this is an industry that employees come and go in. If one of them claimed wrongful termination or harassment, EPL will help cover those costs.

You will also need to think of unexpected costs like commercial auto insurance. Your employees will be driving for work and they may be involved in an accident on the road.

By making sure everyone is covered, the biggest worry you will have is filing paperwork.

Insurance For Retail Businesses

Retail businesses face a lot of variables with employees, customers, and suppliers. Luckily there are policies to cover these difficulties.

A policy like Business Income from Dependent Properties will cover lost business if your supplier fails you. If their lack of stock means your company loses income, then you will be able to cover the costs.

This means that you can still cover your outgoings and keep paying employees.

A retail store will also benefit from a Franchise Upgrade policy as it will cover the costs faced by the business owner after an accident. Instead of trying to work within a budget, you will be able to get the store up to standard without worrying.

Insurance For Restaurants

Restaurants are fast-paced with customers, employees, and suppliers all coming and going. A venue that serves alcohol is at a higher risk of an accident than one that doesn’t.

Getting a Liquor Liability policy will help protect the restaurant if a customer causes a fight or an accident. This will cover the costs incurred and protect the employee who served them.

Purchasing a Temperature Change Insurance will protect the restaurant if a refrigerator or freezer fails. Usually, that food would be ruined and thrown away.

However, with this insurance, you are covered for the spoilage. The costs of replacing stock can be huge, but this policy has it covered.

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